Developing a technology solutions for publication of on-line judicial statistics of Armenia

Project Summary

Country  Armenia 
Overall project value EUR 86,450
USD 112,886
AMD 46,272,366
Proportion carried out VXSoft (%) 80
Number of staff provided4
Name of clientMinistry of Justice of RA
Origin of funding

The World Bank

Name of consortium members, if any

Glosbcon LLC

Duration of the project

February 2013 - June 2013

Detailed description of project

The overall objective of the assignment was to assist the Republic of Armenia in further development of the quality of judicial services, increasing efficiency and effectiveness of work of the judiciary in Armenia through establishment of sustainable electronic system, aimed at collecting and processing of necessary data connected to the functioning of the judiciary system. The latter in its turn should be used in evaluating the work of judiciary by public, and will give the Government of Armenia possibility to diagnose and find existing problems and to direct further reform efforts. Besides, the collected statistics should be used for raising public trust towards the judiciary, and show the improvement trend and results of ongoing reforms. The main tasks completed under this project were;
  • Development of methodology and technical specifications for data collection, (to be collected within judiciary and in areas connected to the judiciary),
  • Design and Introduction of Methodology for Publication of Information on Judicial System Report,
  •   on statistical
  • Turnkey solution for interactive statistical portal (web-portal backed with software module interoperable with existing judicial electronic systems,
The result of the assignment was the establishment of responsible and sustainable institutional setting, design of respective procedures, information technology solutions and statistical templates for periodic publication of modernized judicial statistics. The system contained flexible solutions and tools with standard interfaces to allow future connection of new databases and systems upon their availability. The legal framework for functioning of the system is was developed as well, in form of Government decrees and normative acts regulation the format and obligation of relevant parties to provide statistical information.

Software solutions delivered:

  • On-line statistical portal

    • complete automation of the web publishing workflow
    • development of WYSIWYG content edition tools for on-line content publishers
    • graphical design of the portal,
    • search engine optimized content management systems
    • web portal publishing real time statistical data,
    • automated data retrieval and analysis tools,
    • presentation of statistical data in graph, table and csv download forms

Tasks delivered

  • Developed and submitted technical specifications for the development and introduction of the system,
  • Development of the systems in accordance with technical specifications,
  • Activation of the fully functional system in the test environment, obtaining client’s comments and suggestions,
  • Established data exchange standards with Statistical system and relevant Government bodies,
  • Developed and submitted for client approval, the list and detailed specifications of equipment necessary for system operation,
  • Organized public awareness campaign aimed at introducing the portal to a wider audiences,
  • Distance learning for high-ranking officials who submit declarations,
  • Developed tender documents for any subsequent equipment tendering process,
  • Commitment to maintain, modernize and fine-tune the system for one year after the end of the contract.

The system is available at