Supply and installation of system for electronic normative legal acts project, PSMP3-GO-2-2-6/1

Project Summary

Country  Armenia 
Overall project value EUR 480,000.00
USD 565,967.63
AMD 273,441,600.00 
Proportion carried out VXSoft (%) 60
Number of staff provided12
Name of clientState Revenues Committee of RA
Origin of funding
The WB, Third Public Sector Modernization Project
Name of consortium members, if any Bi-Line LLC, 
Duration of the project June 2018 - December 2018

Detailed description of project 

The specialized Analytical Tools’ System is based on any type of collected business transaction data. The Big Data processing system enables statisticians and other analytics professionals to analyze growing volumes of structured transaction data, plus other forms of data that are often left untapped by conventional business intelligence (BI) and analytics programs. The Analytical Tools’ System is governed by current data analytics technologies and techniques which provide a means of analyzing data sets, and drawing conclusions on them to assist the State Revenues Committee (SRC) to make informed business decisions. Based on Analytical Tools’ System business intelligence (BI) queries, basic questions about business operations, performance and risks are answered. 

Software solutions delivered:

The Analytical Tools’ System ensures complex applications, with elements such as statistical algorithms and what-if analyses, powered by high-performance Big Data analytics based on NoSQL databases, as well as acting as a platform for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence features.

Tasks delivered

  • Development of software specifications for programming teams
  • Development of software integration methodology and specifications
  • Software development installation and testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Business process analysis
  • Management consulting
  • Change management strategy development and implementation
  • Development of online training curricula and methodology
  • Development of user and administration manuals
  • System stress testing
  • Training of different user groups
  • Software integration with other e-gov systems